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Second pregnancy: becoming a mother… again!

It is well known that every pregnancy and every birth is a separate one, but there are actually differences between the first and the following pregnancies
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The importance of umbilical cord tissue for regenerative medicine

The importance of the proliferative and differentiation potential of mesenchymal stem cells contained in the umbilical cord
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Heart failure: enabling the heart to regenerate itself

Heart failure has reached epidemic proportions. So research is working to help hearts heal themselves through the creation of cardiac muscle cells from stem cells
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Giving birth peacefully thanks to Hypnobirthing

Getting rid of fear and doubts to give birth by experiencing deep relaxation following special breathing and visualization techniques that help us break the fear-tension-pain chain
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Umbilical cord stem cells as a potential treatment for autism

Many scientific studies are underway to find a possible cure for autism: the use of umbilical cord stem cells aims to "rewrite" the physiological processes that cause the disease
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40 and pregnant: how to prepare for a geriatric pregnancy

Benefits, risks and how to prepare for pregnancy at an advanced maternal age
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A new hope in the treatment of type I diabetes: insulin production from stem cells

Pancreatic insulin-producing beta cells derived from stem cells in laboratory open up new opportunities in the treatment of Type I diabetes
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multiplying stem cells

Multiplying cord blood stem cells thanks to technology and molecular science

A team of Canadian researchers has discovered a molecule capable of multiplying stem cells extracted from cord blood samples
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lesions cerebrales nescens

Repairable brain injury by transplantation of umbilical cord stem cells

A study carried out at the University of Tokyo has shown how the use of stem cells extracted from the umbilical cord can represent a new hope in the treatment of brain injury.
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cellules souches invisibles

The first stem cells “invisible” to the immune system were created

Stem cells manipulated with this method can be used for universal regenerative medicine therapies
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