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  • Collection of Stem Cells

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    The umbilical cord blood or tissue sample is taken within minutes after the delivery in the umbilical cord already cut by the gynaecologist. It is therefore pain-free for the mother and the baby.

The birth

A unique opportunity

The umbilical cord blood contains haematopoietic stem cells whereas umbilical cord tissue contains mesenchymal stem cells. Owing to the fact that collection takes place during the minutes which follow birth, it is therefore necessary to consider this in advance and to prepare for it with the medical team.

The collection of umbilical cord stem cells may normally be carried out in the case of caesarian section or in the case of twins. Two collection kits are required for the birth of twins.

Conservation in Switzerland

All process and storage of the samples are entirely performed in Switzerland.

Your baby’s umbilical cord blood and tissue samples will be processed and stored in a specialised facility based exclusively in Switzerland.

In all Swiss maternity units

The collection of umbilical cord blood and tissue of your new born can be done in any Swiss maternity unit.

Inform your gynaecologist and maternity unit of your decision.

All instructions regarding the collection can be found inside the kit which is delivered to your home.

How to proceed?

For deliveries in Switzerland only


Receive the kit

Day of the birth

Activate the kit collection procedure

Send the kit by courier


The cryopreservation certificate

  • By completing the electronic agreement on our online site or
  • By calling the 091 985 15 00 you will receive the contract to be completed and returned to the postal address Nescens Swiss Stem Cell Science, Via Sant’Anna 1, CH-6924 Sorengo
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If you do not give birth in a Stem Cells Collection Center, you will receive the kit at home 2 or 3 days after your registration.

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You must give the kit to the obstetric member of staff entrusted with the collection.

Stem cell collection will be performed by the gynaecologist. All information about the stem cell collection procedure can be found inside the kit.

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Call No 091 960 22 20 and announce that the birth has taken place.

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Following the collection carried out in the delivery room, a courier responsible for the recovery of the kit will collect it directly from the hospital concerned and will carry the kit to the laboratory which is the only autologous bank in Switzerland to benefit from FACT-Netcord accreditation.

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The laboratory, accredited by the health authorities, will perform the analysis, purification and the counting of the stem cells before proceeding with their conservation in liquid nitrogen at -196°C.

Thanks to cryostorage, stem cells can be easily thawed, if required.

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You will receive the cryostorage certificate by post, approximately three months after the birth.

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